Ardex Coarse Aggregate 25kg

£10.19 Ex Tax: £8.49

Coarse 3mm aggregate to bulk out smoothing compoundsFine 1 to 1.5mm aggregate for sand blindingDry and pre-packedARDEX Aggregates are for use with..


Ardex P 4 Primer

£24.18 Ex Tax: £20.15

Ready Mixed Rapid Drying PrimerProvides a textured surface gripDries in as little as 30 minutes Ready mixed & resealable..


Ardex P 82 2kg

£72.83 Ex Tax: £60.69

ARDEX P 82 PRIMERWater Based Epoxy Primer and Bonding AgentIdeal for priming smooth and impervious surfacesFor use over ceramics metal, and flooring..


Ardex P51

£16.92 Ex Tax: £14.10

ARDEX P 51 is a versatile primer designed to prepare porous surfaces before applying ARDEX water-based levelling and smoothing compounds, as well as..


Mapei Eco Prim Grip Plus 5kg

£46.49 Ex Tax: £38.74

Product Description:Mapei Latex Plus is a versatile and ready-to-use bonding promoter primer that is ideal for various applications such as render,..


Mapei Eco Prim T Plus 20kg

£210.02 Ex Tax: £175.02

Eco Prim T Plus is an all-purpose primer for interior use to improve adhesion of smoothing compounds on all absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces.Solv..


Mapei Eco Prim T Plus 5KG

£56.34 Ex Tax: £46.95

Product Description:Mapei Eco Prim T Plus is a versatile all-purpose primer designed for interior use. It enhances the adhesion of smoothing compou..

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